Thanks to Riyadh… Thanks to Musaylimah

By “Talal Salman” :

Thanks to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia led by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz, and his son Mohammad bin Salman, the Crown Prince and the ruler by his command in the present… and in the future, the Almighty willing!

Thanks because the Kingdom that was created by sword and gold represented by oil that goes to its American “owners”, has unintentionally contributed in achieving the following exceptional tasks:

  • Firstly: it has unified the “peoples” in Lebanon that rarely agree on one situation… especially towards the oil countries in general and the kingdom of silence and gold in particular.

  • Secondly: it has eliminated, by one strike, the sectarian and doctrinal “instincts” which often destroyed the Lebanese homes.

  • Thirdly: it exposed the out of time coming regime represented by the Crown Prince, who introduces himself as the creator of “year 2030 vision”. Thus he behaves like a medieval man, so he detains his “companion” whom he still regards “a brother”, underestimating his position as a Prime Minister in a country called Lebanon, which is not of his own property, nor located in the Rub’ al Khali desert, it is not part of his 2030 vision, it does not have kings or princes, even if there are plenty of thieves therein!

  • Fourthly: It has revealed that there is no difference or disagreement among the generation in the kingdom, which was created on killing, deception and loyalty to the foreigners. Moreover, the new generation, represented by the Crown Prince, who is supposed to inherit the land whoever and whatever it contains, seems to be tougher than his forefathers.

  • He does not only detain or obligate the family and the subjects to follow him; he has never hesitated to arrest the Prime Minister of a neighboring country i.e. Lebanon, and create unprecedented disorder in that small country. That disorder has transformed the “broke” Prime Minister to martyr and gathered around him his enemies before his supporters, who have been panic and disappointed. They also have lost trust in what they imagined that it is the political and sectarian “reference” which will enrich them, but on the contrary it has impoverished them. Saudi Arabia instead of protecting them, it has detained their leader without a charge, and of course without a trial. They “Saudi” even did not tell anything explaining what happened, or tell them to look for an “alternative” whom they will never find! Actually, they will never look for another one as long as the Prime Minister Saad Al-Hariri is detained, arrested or abducted.

  • Fifthly: it has ascertained what King Salman said many years ago, precisely by the end of 1979, immediately after the accidents of the Holy Mosque, when he was filling the position of the Prince of Riyadh, emphasizing the authenticity of his ancestry, he said the following: “we are not like the family of Muhammad Ali that ruled Egypt for more than one hundred and fifty years, we are not of Albanian origin, we are the children of this land, the children of sand, sun and moonlight, It is enough to tell you that one of our ancestors is Musaylimah the Liar..”.


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