” HAARP” Climate Weapon – The Satanic Project

“HAARP” climate weapon has caused dust storms in Syria and most of the depressions have been driven away from Syria and Lebanon by this weapon.

This climate weapon or the Project Blue Beam, which the United States has mastered , is a weapon that can turn the raining weather to sun shine and vice versa.

Despite its scientific use, which was intended for causing rain to fall, the United States turned it into a terrible satanic project for causing dust storms, tsunamis, many other movements of the Earth’s tectonic plates, earthquakes, etc.

We could remember the dust storm of 2013 in Syria, where the misty dust covered the atmospheres of Syria for the first time in its history, in both the Syrian Desert and Deir Ezzor.

This storm also spread throughout the country in a strange and suspicious change of weather with dust storms, for example, in the coastal area between Syria and Lebanon, while the Zionist Entity is the only area that was not affected by the harmful weather, which resulted in many cases of suffocations.

The meteorological stations observed the atmosphere and as soon as they announce that there is a climate depression and that the sky begins to form the cumulus clouds of rain, the depression goes away and the weather becomes completely clear.

We are, of course, experiencing the intensive use of “HAARP” weapon in our region and on the brink of war between the great powers in the world.

Source: posledniye-novosti24



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