World’s first human head transplant a success

World’s first human head transplant has allegedly been performed on a corpse, but Italian Professor Sergio Canavero, who has been working with the team, said they would ‘imminently’ move onto a living human.

The surgeon gained fame by demanding a human head transplant and suggests that the success of the experiment on a human body for the first time in history shows that his plan for a head transplant is now ready for implementation.

The surgeon said that the successful transplantation of the body shows that modern medical techniques developed to re-link the spine, nerves and blood vessels will allow the body to co-exist with the head well. The surgery also appears to reach its target within 18 hours.

“This is the first such operation in the world to be carried out successfully, although it is clear that this will only be achieved if someone undergoes this process and then actually lives,” the Telegraph newspaper was quoted as saying at a conference in Vienna.

Despite the success of this process, doctors warn of its horrific consequences for living humans, which may lead to something “worse than death” because of the appalling suffering that will result from adapting to a new body.

Source: youm7.



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