Poor Minds

Chinese billionaire Jack Ma says: The worst people you could ever deal with are those of poor minds

  • Give them something for free they will say it’s trap!

  • Give them an opportunity for a project with little capital , they will say it is not a real project and will not generate a great return!

  • Give them an opportunity for a project with a big capital , they will say they don’t have enough money to take the opportunity!

  • Tell them to try something new they will say they have no experience.

  • Tell them to try traditional trade, they will say it is difficult and they do not have time.

  • If you give them an e-commerce opportunity they will say it is hierarchical and fake.

  • actually, they think more than a professor and produce less than a blind person.

  • Just ask them, can you do something new and different tomorrow to improve your situation? They will simply answer we don’t  know ..

  • Poor minds fail because of one thing, their lives are spent on waiting!

  • They are always waiting for opportunities but never trying to experience anything throughout their lives.



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