Serious Confessions of a US Officer on their Failure in Syria

A U.S Air Force officer revealed that U.S fifth-generation jet fighters “F-22″could not effectively track the Russian fighters in Syria.

The commander of the 95th Airborne Squadron of the United States Air Force stationed in the United Arab Emirates said for the (Aviation Week) periodical magazine that tightening control over the terrorists of “ISIS” would increase the presence of the Russian fighters near the US-led coalition forces.

The coalition must then identify as soon as possible the identity of the aircraft that is close to its forces. However, the “F-22” fighter jets are not equipped with the technologies that allow them to do so at night.

The “F-22” cannot also transmit its information through the data exchange system “LINK 16” used by other US aircrafts. Therefore, the “F-22” pilots have to transmit what they see through wireless communication devices.

The commander of the 95thAirborne Squadron revealed another weak point in the jet fighter”F-22″, indicating that the helmet of the “F-22” pilot is not equipped with a target setting system.

Therefore, the “F-22” pilot has to look for other military aircrafts of the enemy with his own eyes.

Source: “Arabic. Sputnik news”



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