Daily Archives: Saturday December 2nd, 2017

“Harry Potter” Movies Brings Magic of Brain into Focus

Scientific American has published an article showing that the unique technology of rendering graphics allows scientists to find a new way to scan the brain. In their annual conference, neuroscientists introduced a new technique that allows the integration of modern programs used in the field of visual effects in cinema and MRI technology into one device for the study of ...

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Unprecedented Israeli-American Stupidity

The “Bloomberg” Website has published a report, in which it indicated that the US forces are not going to leave Syria after defeating “ISIS”, pointing out that the role of these US forces in the future of the Syrian conflict is not clear in general. However, the sarcastic thing is the announcement of the Pentagon made by the lieutenant general ...

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Israel Assassinated Rafik al-Hariri Supported by Al Saud Dynasty

The US prominent senator Chuck Grassley has made a clear accusation against Saudi Arabia of assassinating the former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri. Grassley, who represents the State of Iowa, occupies the position of the chairman of the Judiciary Committee of the US Senate, and is one of the most senior US senators, has added in an interview with “Politico” ...

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