Trump is left with no options in Syria

Politico published a report in which it pointed that President Trump is increasingly playing the role of a merely observer in the Syrian file, while Russian President Vladimir Putin plays the leading role in shaping the future of Syria after the war.

The report quoted “Ilan Goldenberg,” who worked in the files of the Middle East with the administration of former US President Barack Obama, that “Putin has won” in Syria.

The report added that Trump may not care about it, and quoted an informed source that the US President said in closed sessions that he did not see the possibility of the United States to do much now in the Syrian file because of “Obama’s failure” in Syria, as he put it, The report added that Trump’s position was reflected in the decision taken months ago to cancel the program of the CIA to arm what he called “moderate Syrian rebels.”

Trump has so far been unable to keep Moscow away from Tehran, the report said, adding that the White House statement issued on the telephone conversation between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin did not mention Iran, pointing out that the Kremlin’s statement on this call only renewed Putin’s support for a nuclear agreement with Iran.

The report also said that the joint statement on Syria issued after the Trump and Putin meeting in Vietnam recently also did not mention Iran’s influence in Syria.

Source: alahednews



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