A plot to turn Sinai into a Palestinian state

While participating in a conference about women, Israeli  Minister of Social Equality Gila Gamliel said that “It is impossible to create a Palestinian state except in Sinai”! adding that the area of Sinai is 60 thousand square kilometers, while the West Bank, where Palestinians ,is 5800 square kilometers, so Sinai can accommodate more than 15 million Palestinians, and that Israel will annex all of Jerusalem, namely West Jerusalem and East Jerusalem, and will regard it as the eternal capital of the State of Israel, and this statement by the Israeli minister was not met by any Arabic response.

The British Times newspaper commented on the subject and said that the Palestinian Gaza border reaches the city of El Arish, the largest in Sinai and more, and that the Israeli solution is possible, and the United States headed by Trump agree to this proposal and to the establishment of a Palestinian state in Sinai, besides Saudi Arabia agrees with this too, thus through the Saudi-American-Israeli agreement there will be an attempt to bring support from the EU, where Saudi Arabia will pay $ 250 billion to Egypt, the United States will provide $ 200 billion, and the European Union will provide $ 300 billion, Israel will also be  providing assistance for the reconstruction of Sinai through its Israeli companies and through the establishment of cities, buildings and infrastructure in Sinai.



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