Where did the gold come from?

A group of international researchers and geologists from the University of Granada has unveiled the source of one of the most precious metals on the planet.  Scientific journal Eurekalert reported that scientists had concluded that gold metal rose from a depth of 70 kilometers to the layers that are closer to the earth’s surface.  According to scientists gold was initially formed in the deep layers of the earth and then rushed to the surface of it. Geologists noted that the study of the crust and the cover of the earth suggests that there are no comprehensive studies of the Earth’s structure, because the upper and lower layers of the earth’s crust still contain large quantities of gold, which are not available for commercial production.

The study, which was conducted on a small area in the gold mines in South America, does not mean that gold does not exist in other parts of the globe, as  scientists believe they also contain a large proportion of it.

Source: life.ru




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