The rope of lying is very short

Four college mates once agreed to come up with a reason to skip a test at their university , they called their professor and said : ” sorry one of the car’s tires is flat and that leaves us in a tight situation as our home is very far away from the university and we have no other ride to take us back home when we finish the test ” thus , the professor agreed to postpone the exam for them.

Of course, they were overwhelmed by joy because their idea succeeded, and on the exam’s day , the professor asked the four students to sit separately from each others in each corner of the examination room so as not to cheat and then distributed the examination papers, and the questions were as following:

Q1. Which of the car’s tires had burst?

Q2. What time was it when the incident happened ?

Q3. Which one of you was driving the car at the time?

Q4. Where was each one of you sitting in the car?

Q5. Do you guarantee that the rest of your friends will answer the same answers as yours?

Ant at the end of the questions he wrote : “If you all answered the same, all of you get A+, but if the opposite happens, then you are liars and therefore your destiny is to fail”.



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