CIA confirms cooperation between Saudi Arabia and “Israel”

The director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Michael Pompeo, confirmed the existence of cooperation between the Saudi regime on the one hand and the Israeli entity on the other. The New York Times quoted Pompeo as saying at a seminar at the Reagan Annual Defense Forum in southern California: “There are many transformations taking place in Saudi Arabia and this has been demanded by America for decades.” The Saudis have now begun these transformations, We encourage and support them. “

“We can try to develop relations and work side by side with them to make the Gulf region and all the Middle East a safer place” he said. In September, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed cooperation at various levels with Arab states that do not have “peace agreements” with Israel, pointing out that these contacts  were made “in undisclosed way but broader than those in the past”. While “Ayoub Qara” ,Israeli  Minister of Communications ,said  that “there are a large number of Arab countries which have ties to Israel in one way or another including Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries ,and they also share with Israel its position of Iran,” noting that most of the Gulf systems are “ready for exposed diplomatic relations”

Source: syrianow





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