Arab and non-Arab “Heroes”of Israel…Shalom &TodahRabah

By Naram Sargon

The photo above shows a post-stamp featuring the late King Hussein of Jordan. It is a commemorational stamp issued by “Israel” in tribute to the King and in recognition of the so many favors it used to receive from him and from his family since its early years of babyhood.  King Hussein was the grandson of the King who handed over the Arab-owned Palestinian lands of pre-1948 war to the Zionist organizations. He was the King who later on handed them the Holy al-Aqsa Mosque and al-Quds City (Jerusalem) and gave‘back’ to the Jews what unfounded myths claim to be a possession of theirs for 3,000 years. He was the only King in the entire history to spy on his own people and on other sisterly peoples. He was the King who flew under the cover of the dark night to warn Israel against an imminent Syrian-Egyptian attack. For all these favors, King Hussein deservedly earned the ‘honor” to be commemorated by Israel and be featured on one of its  post-stamps. From over a billion Muslims and some hundreds of millions of Arabs, King Hussein was the only one chosen for this “honor”. Good for him. The congratulations go right to his grave.

Bearing in mind that the stamp would not feature an enemy of Israel but a subservient loyal friend pinching off a stone from the al-Qasa Mosque to weaken its structure and putting instead another stone to reconstruct the alleged ‘Temple’, let us have a guess as to who might be the next candidate for a similar commemoration and whowould  be featured on an Israeli post-stamp?

Let us review the below list of candidates to see which of these names would be the “fittest”:

  • ReceptTayyp Erdogan: In tribute of his role in re-orienting Islam against all Muslims and abandoning prayers in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, in exchange for  one single kneel  in the Ummayad Mosque, because.. God no longer blesses the vicinity and the surroundings of al-Aqsa Mosque!!!.

  • Khaled Meshaal: Because of him, all pro-Arab activists and all peoples of the front countries surrounding Palestine have detached themselves from the Palestine question. This alone is a most valuable gift to Israel.

  • Ismail Hanieh: The lowest of the low persons Palestine has ever given birth to. He has humiliated the blood that martyrs have been offering for the past 70 years now.

  • Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani: Because he has destroyed half of the Arab world, half of the Arab mind, and three quarters of the religion.

  • Hamad bin Jabor Al Thani: He turned the Arab League into a tank for Israel and a kitchen, where Israeli Mossad can cook their conspiracies.

  • Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz (Abu Miteb): He re-fanned the flames of the Camel and Seffin wars, which have been in dormant for the past 15 centuries. ( These two infamous inter-Islamic battles are believed to have caused the first serious divide in the Islamic faith and the controversial stories about them still invoke a great deal of charged emotions – the translator).

  • Abdullah the Second: Because he was the first Jewish King to rule from a territory located outside the boundaries of the ‘Kingdom of Israel’ since ever the alleged “Temple” was destroyed.

  • Abu Baker al-Baghdadi: He tarnished Islam and turned it into a shame for all followers. Over a billion Muslims now feel ashamed of this distorted version of Islam. Instead of collectively flocking into the religion of Goden mass, Muslims now are flocking out of iten mass.

  • Abu Mohamed al-Jolani: He was the one who burnt half of Syria’s rural areas young people in an absurd war to protect the yet to be defined borders of Israel.

  • Riad al-Shaqfeh: He was hell-bent to break the backbone of the “Shiite Crescent” which was about to devour the Star of David.

  • Mohammad Morsi: Who was Israel’s best friend.He, himself, has explicitly spoken about the friendship with a community he used to describe as “grandchildren of pigs and monkeys.” !!!

  • Youssuf al-Qaradawi: Who innovatively commenced thequickest move of relocation known in History: He has re-located Shiites to the place usually reserved  in the hearts and minds of Muslims for Zionist Jews, teaching Arabs thereby how  to drink ‘Halal blood’” !!!!!

  • Zahran Alloush: He is the one who bombed Damascus to avenge for Hizbollah’s rockets reaching Haifa and beyond. He was the first one to do so (to bomb Damascus city), since the days of the French occupation.

  • Faisal al-Qassem: Who has provided evidence that the “Arab Mind” is a sickening and nauseating nasty stuff that could be easily burnt up in the burning-pit of a chatter beamed in the form of a silly weekly talk-show.

  • Mohammad al-Oreifi: Who made the angels, for the first time since the Bader Battle, descend from Heaven to fight in Syria against the only Army fighting Israel. He is also the freak discoverer of the freak magnet, which attracts Muslims to death by promoting the awkward phenomenon known as the sex-Jihad.

  • Kamal al-Labwani: The most generous donor history has ever known. He has donated to Israel something he does not even own in the illusive hope of securing a position in the future government in Damascus. He would not mind handing a huge (and strategic) territory of land named the Golan Heights as a gift to the ‘people of Israel,” in exchange for a promised “political position” in Damascus.

  • Burhan Galion: Because he has proven that the Arab Mind has a “hole” in it, so it is needless to assassinate it. However, some gun shots at it would not mind. It would be alright.

  • King Salman bin Abdul Aziz: He decided to eliminate Khaibar battle from the collective memory and uproot any enmity towards Israel, even if this would cost him the uprooting of Kaaba itself.

  • Saad al-Hariri: Was the one who sold his father’s blood to appease Israel. He has even rolled this blood as a ‘red carpet’ for Israel to tread on it with her shoes.

  • Samir Geagea: He is the one who served Israel throughout hisentire life and would surely continue to serve it even after his death. He served it while at large and would serve it while in jail.

  • Walid Jumblatt: He turned his mansion into a corridor for the Mossad and turned his tongue into a platform for the Israeli Hasbara. He is prepared to do anything, even the impossible, to sell Syria’s Druze (also known as the Monotheists of Syria) to the Israeli Army, as if they were mercenaries, prodding them to serve in the Israeli Army instead of serving in the Syrian Army.

  • AzmiBishara: He can not be one of the candidates, of course, simply because he is an Israeli citizen who has sneaked into the ranks of the so-called “Arab Revolutions”. He has been doing his duties and serving the ends of his “state” as best as possible.

  • Name a candidate of your You might nominate a candidate whose name has not not appeared in the list above, so far, provided that you explain why have you picked such a candidate.

The list may go on and on to include millions of other names, who, one way or another, intentionally or unintentionally, foolishly or acting as fools, have contributed and are still contributing to Israel’s survival.

Shalom,  which in Hebrew means: peace – TodahRabah, which in Hebrew means: Thanks a lot!!!

Translated from Arabic by Syrianfacts



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