The Russian BearReturns to the World from the Gate of Damascus

It is clear to everyone that the Russian intervention plays an important role in achieving victory over terrorism in Syria. However, without the Russianintervention, Russia would not have returned to the world from the gate of Damascus and would not have competed with Washingtonas the capital city of making decisions related to the region’s crises. Furthermore, those, who were avoiding Russia,fell prostrate before the Russian bear in order to solve their problems. Russia has publicly defied the United States and NATO and has become the key player in the Middle East.

The Russian relationship with Ankara will lead to reducing the influence of NATO in Turkey, and it will play a role in the completion of cooperation for solving the Syrian crisis and defeating the plans of Washington related to the Kurdish file, which threatens Turkey more than Syria. With regard to Egypt, the military cooperation between Moscow and Cairo will increase the influenceofRussia in the biggest Arab country. The experience gained by the Russian army in Syria can be used tocombat the escalating terrorism in Egypt. Egypt will also open the way to Moscow in North Africa, from Libya to Algeria. The gas file in these countries has become a strategic demand and goalfor Russian companies. Thus, Russia, which has powerfully returnedto the world from the gate of Damascus, will impose its influence on the shores of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. Russia, the great smart country that adopts the policy of quiet soft careful power, has invested every victory achieved in Syria in exchange for an unprecedented American retreat for decades.

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