An Interesting Discovery has”Cosmic Significance”!

Nearly 50 years after it was first theorized, physicists claim they havefinally proven the existence of a new form of matter, known as ‘excitonium.’Excitonium is made up of particles known as excitons, which are made from an escaped electron and the hole it left behind.In the new experiments, the researchers say they were able to observe the material and definea new form of matter.

When an electron gets excited and ‘jumps’ from its place, it leaves behind it a hole.This hole can behave as though it were a particle itself, with the existence of a positive charge.Therefore, the hole attracts the electron, pairing them to form a composite particle, or “boson”, known as “exciton”.

To uncover the new form of matter, the researchers developed a new technique called Mercury-Electron-Energy-Loss Spectroscopy (M-EELS).The researchers retrofit an EEL spectrometer with a goniometer, to precisely measure the electron’s momentum,and doing this allowed them to measure excitations of the particles for the first time.This result is of cosmic significance,’ says Professor of Physics Peter Abbamonte.‘Ever since the term “excitonium” was coined in the 1960 by Harvard physicist “Bertrand Halperin”, physicists have sought to demonstrate its existence.According to the researchers, the discovery could help to unravel a number of other quantum mysteries.

Source: The Daily Mail





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