Daily Archives: Wednesday December 27th, 2017

Air particles , destroyers of meteorites

The planet saving capabilities of our atmosphere are far more impressive than thought, a new study has found. Researchers have uncovered the mechanisms that protect the planet from incoming meteorites. They found air particles penetrate the space rocks, causing them to explode from the inside. The Purdue team found air pockets are the key to keeping us safe. The air ...

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The Salvador Option For Syria”: US-NATO Sponsored Death Squads Integrate “Opposition Forces”

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky Modeled on US covert ops in Central America, the Pentagon’s “Salvador Option for Iraq” initiated in 2004 was carried out under the helm of the US Ambassador to Iraq John Negroponte (2004-2005) together with Robert Stephen Ford, who was appointed US Ambassador to Syria in January 2011, less than two months before the beginning of the ...

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