The US Presence in Syria is Unlawful and It Must Be Restricted

“Jaromir Kohlicek”, the Czech member of the European Parliament, asserted that the US presence in Syria is unlawful and it must be stopped as soon as possible because it is donewithout the consent of the legitimate Syrian government. “Kohlicek”said that “The US forces entered some Syrian territories secretly and they must get out from there in the same way they entered, on one hand,because theirpresenceis against the desire of the legitimate Syrian government. On the other hand, the US forces have proved either that they areincapable of achieving any victory over the terrorist organization “ISIS” or that they are corrupt and do not wish to defeat “ISIS” since the American air strikes on “ISIS” were ineffective.”

“Kohlicek” pointed out that, at the request of the Syrian government, Russia effectively helpsin fightingthe terrorists, in addition to acting as a mediator, contributing to stabilizing the situation and providing extensive humanitarian assistance. “Kohlicek”called on the European Union to reconsider its supportiveattitude of the “armed” groups and to stop providing them with weapons, equipment and information, stressing the need to put pressure on those who provide such support from outside the European Union, especially the Gulf Sheiks.

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