An Anti-Human Policy

Over the past decades, experiences have shown that the Arabs talk about the negotiations andtalksof peaceful settlement whenever they like to do so,but soonthecrooks that control the geopolitical papers,change their attitudes and bluff others by talking about peace matters, the inadmissibilityof escalation and other topics if they are in their interests.

Suddenly … Al-Qaradawi did not issue a fatwa to kill Trump or Netanyahu as he had issued a fatwa to kill some Arab leaders!!

Suddenly … Sheikh Al-Arefe did not see the angels fighting for Jerusalem as he had seenthem fighting for the bastards in Syria!!

Suddenly … the Gulf Statesmade no move to arm the Palestinian resistance just as they had armed the dollar army and the Front of Bastards!! .

Suddenly … the League of Arab States did not hold an emergency meeting for Jerusalem as it had held a meeting within half an hour to invade Iraq.

Suddenly … Saudi Arabia did not launch adonation campaign forsupporting the Palestinians as it had done for the Syrians!!

Suddenly … the Emir of Qatar did not request to send Arab troops to Jerusalem as he has requested to send them to Syria!!

Suddenly … the NATO did not intervene to protect Jerusalem as it hadintervened to protect Libya as it falsely claimed!!

Moreover, the Arab countries did not expel the Israeli ambassadors, as they have expelled the Syrian ambassadors within minutes after America ordered them to do so.

On one hand, they give the humanitarian aid to certain groups of people chosen by them. On the other hand, they help the gangs and bandits who violate the life, land and honor of people.This is the anti-human policy adopted by those who want to control the fate of the world. Tomorrow is just a day away; the wheel of time will turn and they will suffer the same dreadful fate.



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