Latest Population Census of Syria

 According to the head of the Syrian Commission for Family Affairs, “Mohammed Akram AL-Ksh”, it is estimated that the population of Syria today reached (28) million ; (21) million of them currently inside the country, and (7) million are outside it . Mr. Mohammed explained that the number of legal immigrants amounted to about 4.5 million Syrians, including 1.5 million emigrated with legal passports during the crisis, while more than 2.5 million refugees in neighboring countries.

Mr. Mohammed  revealed that these social surveys are currently being conducted by more than one governmental body in cooperation with the National Center for Statistics, which is the only authorized entity to conduct this kind of studies, while other entities are cooperating with it in this field. He explained that five forms for individuals, family, employment, health and other fields have been put  to gather data, stressing that data gathering shell  be completed by February next year . He also said that after the completion of data gathering, governmental entities will begin to define their programs according to the updated database, pointing out that the issue of  refugees is dealt with by taking samples during the survey, expressing the full framework of their situation in neighboring countries. Mr. Mohammed indicated that the percentage of residents in governmental shelters since the beginning of the crisis has reached  2.7 percent of the total number of internally displaced persons, stressing that this percentage has declined now after the recent visits to the shelters, adding that damage assessment  data is being updated by the relevant ministries, stressing that the period of updating these data takes between one to six months.



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