“The New Yorker”: Washington is Forced to Accept President Bashar Al-Assad’s Rule

The American Administration is forced to accept Bashar Al-Assad as the President of Syria until the upcoming Syria’s next presidential electionscheduled in 2021, according to an opinion published in American magazine “The New Yorker”. The Magazinereported, according toAmerican and European officials,that, “This attitude reflects the military reality on ground and the successes of Syria’s allies; Russia, Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah, in propping up the position of the Syrian government.”

“Washington, which has spent more than 14 Billion Dollars on its campaign in Syria since 2014,is forced by the reality on ground to accept President Assad’s rule for at least four more years,” according to the Magazine.

The Magazinebelievesthat “The US-backed policies of the Syrian oppositionhave been ineffectual because they have been in a state of fragmentation and disunity,” adding that “the opposition’s demand,that Assad step down as a precondition tobring peace and political transition,has become increasingly unrealistic.”

“The New Yorker” concluded saying, “Diplomatically, Washington has been marginalized by thepowerful troikaof Russia, Iran and Turkey, which now leads the peace process. An indication of this is that the negotiationsbetween Syrians, in Geneva, under the sponsorship of the United Nationshave made no progress,and it has been superseded by the Russian-led troika’s peace negotiations held in Astana.”

Source: “alkhabar-sy”.



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