Central questions for identification and analysis

By Dr. Ahmad al-Haj Ali

  • This war on Syria is an all-out, pivotal and historical war.

  • Syria was destined to give according to her own high and noble qualities.

  • Arab Syria is the homeland of martyrs and embraces all.

These three central questions would continue to be the mainspring and the source from which all this rough jagged spillover is flowing, containing  both the good and the corrupt obsessed with responding to and comprehending the spheres and the connotations of this war on Syria, which is now a settled matter thatit is a cosmic war in view of the  huge number of players involved in it whether they are states, regimes, organizations and individuals. It is a settled matter that it is a make or break war. In other words, the process and the outcome of this war would seal not only our destiny, but also the destiny of so many others around the world. It is now a settled matter that it is a historic phenomenon because it is a juncture between two different eras. After this war, the world would not be the same. This accurate and comprehensive identification has presented Syria at this miraculous standard in terms of the military, political and social performance. Now we go back to the three key questions:

First, why have they chosen Arab Syria, I mean the Syrian homeland, as a whole: Its  system and history and its stances and sacrifices.

The second question: Why have they adopted this path of  escalating the age-old aggression on Syria into a full-blown war on and in Syria.

This is the first bitter time in which forces of aggression have equated  the incomparable cases of :death on the Syrian soil and the death of  terrorists unleashed against her. This is the scene which should serve the  prime premise on which things should rest. Anything else is negligible. The land is a Syrian land. What the aggressors are aiming to hit is Syria’s current existence, her history and  the standard  role Syria has been playing for  at least once whole century from now. To answer this  question, the aggressors have recruited individuals, certain segments of the social strata and some sleeping cells  inside Syria. This should not surprising. It should be taken granted that such tools would be used. Equally expected was to see them  focusing on the instinct rather than mental discourse to  invoke reflexive overreaction both inside and outside Syria.

The third question to be asked is why had the masterminds  of this major conspiracy against Syria persistently  maintained  such a false  combination between  all sorts of terrorism and the Islamic thought, which they turned into a matter of slaughter and destruction. Under this blanket, they tried to disseminate the false idea  that  everything heads towards immortality and pleasure both in this life on earth and in the hereafter, as long that the terrorist behavior adopted  this notorious trait of slaughter, treachery, head-chopping and killing  children. The devil, herein, has “promised” the perpetrators of heavenly virgins in the hereafter  and taught them the jurisprudence and practices of sex-Jihad in the earthly world. It the same set  of basic question, which assimilated  all processes of the conflict with all its brutality which had to be met with these colossal sacrifices that are now an icon and a badge of honor for the  honorable and the legend of the age all over the world. These are the Syrian values that add up to the promise given by the Syrian homeland that  the threat would fought off and we shall prevail. Hence we head off towards the Syrian facts in defining and analyzing.

The characteristics upon which major stances are build retain viability and ability to go ahead in each and every stage. Despite the pain and the good-will intentions, many nations have gone astray and lost their compass in the critical transitional intersection between the foundation section, where stances are decided, and the subsequent fruition of these stances in terms of their fruits and achievements on the ground and through practice.  This happens often due to so many reasons, the foremost of which might be the poor realization by the leadership of the evolution methodology or perhaps due to their inadequate sustainability or maybe because they have simply dumped the system of prioritization and replaced it with an abridged reflexive reaction to the action.

From this point, in particular, we, perhaps, have the right in our Syrian homeland, not only to thoroughly explore ourselves and the manifestations of our stances, but also to define and analyze  and to  engage and interact with the process of the Syrian national posture, especially along two inseparable directions:

The first is the active and growing  interaction between the  collective historical memory and both the requirements of the current period and the confident strides into the future. The second of the two is the one which ensures the legitimate vertical and horizontal dissemination into the national performance in a way where each and every  national step would  precipitate an abundance of transformations to cover the space of the human person, the time and the location and would allow for the positive addition through an organic accumulation of expertise and acquiring some advanced degrees that would send their roots deep into the homeland historically and in the prerequisites of necessary  performance at each and every phase of challenge when, and if,  a storm unabatedly blows up against us and never eases down with the elapse of time. Therefore, we go back to the core idea to say that the national Syrian performance has managed to take heed of  the basic  elements of its three-way system and has actively mobilized the already-attained  outcome to unleash them in some outcomes that are either in their way or expected to come to fruition in the near or the medium-term process of the homeland’s long path of struggle and in the national Syrian building up in performance, based on this inter-active, growing and dynamic three-way system.

  • The core part of this three-way system has to do with readying and priming the finishing points of the identity elements both historically and realistically, by testing all events, no matter how painful they might be, against the litmus test of the homeland originality, its major characteristics and its legitimate  interests in sovereignty, dignity and unity. Here we have vast and limitless prospects all of which appeal to the sons and daughters of the Syrian homeland to have their living and deeply-rooted homeland as their principal compass that guides their behavioral patterns and it is the barometer and the measurement yardstick with which to consciously identify/recognize  the significance of the sacrifices if such sacrifices are attributed to the homeland’s sovereignty  and unity. Because, in the absence of the historical national criteria,  commitment would mutate into a doctrine (or ideology). Actually it evolves into a duty and more than that, giving turns into a sort of  faith-like source of the homeland’s existence driving believers to accomplish its missions without hesitation or fear of  the growing pains or the multiple heterogeneous forces of aggression.

Here  we find the basic root from which the current national Syrian stand emanates.  All sorts of storms have blown up against us. Yet, we absorbed them and extracted from them motives for steadfastness and defiance. With the rhythm of the original time, all sacrifices became original too. This is what has qualified us in Syria to resurrect, as if this resurrection was a mythological legend while in fact it was merely a self-accomplishment of the  Syrian character and a finishing touch completing the elements of awakening after the slip and an act of measuring each stand-point against  the well-established and viable code of national Syrian characteristics.

  • Here, in the second segment of the all-embracing comprehensive Syrian system sequence,  the dimensions of growth get clearer with their  horizontal and vertical expansion against threats and challenges. The Syrian national stature has grown concurrently with the up-peat of  hostile storms. The live scene bears witness to this fact. The more haters and invaders mobilized their potentials to escalate their aggression and to introduce new qualitative  weaponry into their aggression, they immediately discover that the national Syrian performance was realizing  some responses  that overdo their preparations and overcome the sources of aggression they have fired in the military, political and social battles.  May be at this specific part of the system, many sons and daughters of the homeland, who have fallen in the trap of  fear, gloating or  have been simply looking for a cheap gain,  realized that that they have the price twice. They have sold their souls cheaply and have devised their behavior according to some casual and unreal considerations. On the other hand, they have presented the aggressors with enough justifications to slaughter the homeland and to immerse in the language of killing and destruction. These deviated or misguided strata are the worst and the weakest  points of the collapse of the enemy terrorist project. Subsequently, this should prompt a re-think of  the premises on which stances are taken to cope with the individual and collective national performance. Things  would not be loose or vague, as some has used to see or as some others have used to illegally profit at the expense of  the martyrs and martyrdom or at the expense  of purity and loyalty maintained by the landslide majority of the Syrian homeland.

  • In the third part of the unified system, the significance and the methodology of binding and control is manifested I  a way where  all  pillar requirements of the national stand-point are integrated and each part of it completes and absorbs the other. It should also serve as a firm and programmed prelude  to accomplish viability on the basis that what is existing would be the driving force for the would-be. This characteristic is not a mere theoretical culture. It is a sort of integration into the stand-point, especially  through  major sacrifices and sharing in the responsibility and abandoning the side and trivial issues to take care of the basic and the motivating. Nothing is harsher than seeing the final fruits getting lost after  having seen the homeland has accomplished all these  major sacred  prefaces in the way to get the outcomes that, they themselves, are  the features and final resting of all previous distances and all successive  sacrifices from one time to another, from one generation to another and from one battle to the other.


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