Daily Archives: Sunday December 31st, 2017

Scandals of the Riyadh delegation in Geneva

“Everyone came to Riyadh knowing that they would sign whatever  the Saudi liaison officer- who is responsible for the meetings of the Riyadh negotiating delegation in Geneva- command them to sign” that is quoted from  Syrian opposition sources that are following the work of the opposition Syrian delegation called the Riyadh delegation. The sources said in an interview with the ...

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Separatist Militia Leaders are stealing the Syrian Oil

Controlling the Syrian Oil by the Kurdish separatist militias, depriving the Syrian inhabitants of Hasaka of it during this severe winter, selling it, and gainingBillions of benefits to buy weapons??!! Leaders and influentialpersons of theKurdish separatist militias headed by the so-called Ministers of Energy and Environment import small petroleum refineries, which work by heating petroleum in order to refine it ...

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No hard feelings!

Written by Mr. Alaa Abu Zeid (About the situation in his country; Jordan): a brilliant idea has crossed my mind for an economic project that benefits the Jordanian people and saves the government from the anger of the people who are being exposed to starving and prices’ raising… The idea is summed up like the following: we dispense the Jordanian ...

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