the bitter conflict between science and the wrong understanding of religion

Islam, we all eulogize about this religion that can contain every human being , every thought and every philosophy , a religion that fits every time and place as God and his prophet concurred it for all humanity.

But are there scholars whom their knowledge was the reason for their death , exile or crucifixion by the clergies and the patrons of the Lord on earth ?? !! The history of wars between clerics on one side and science and scientists on the other  is a very long and bitter one.

These sad stories, which illustrate the bitter conflict between science and the wrong understanding of religion seems not to have an end.

Usually when I read a book , the first many pages are all about the greatness of a certain scientist or scholar , but then in the last page , the author with no shame concludes by saying ” he died poisoned on year  (x).. God knows best…” without the slightest try to answer the questions that must arise in the mind of the reader such as: (Why was he poisoned? What are the motives for his killing? Who is behind this action ?!)

then countless ideas revolt inside my head with no answer or result; how come ” a religion that embraces every science, thought and philosophy .. a historical position that we left our heads up high with..then out of the blue all its scientists have been killed?!” Did you know that al-Tabari was killed, and that the famous Islamic mystic al-Hallaj was accused of disbelief by the caliph al-Muqtadir with Allah and was sentenced to death, he was whipped a thousand whips, then his head, hands and legs were cut , his body was burnt and what was left of his dust was dumped in the Tigris River.

Did you know that Al-Ma’ri was imprisoned, the blood of Ibn Hayyan was shed, and the books of al-Ghazali, Ibn Rushd and Al-Asfahani were burned and they were accused in their faith, and that al-Farabi, al-Razi, and Ibn Sina  were charged with disbelieve !!

Did you know that Ibn al-Muqaffa ‘, which combined the language of the Arabs, the craft of the Persians and the wisdom of the Greeks, and the author of the book Kalila wa Dimna besides many other books that explain the way the relationship between the ruler and the people should be – which angered the caliph al-Mansour in the era of The first Abbasid- was accused with disbelieve, his limbs were cut off his head was separated from his body and he watched the rest of his body burning in fire before he uttered his last breath under the worst possible terrible torture!

People may not know what was said about Ibn Sina, the doctor, the scientist, the jurist and the philosopher, as Ibn al-Qayyim said about him in his book              (Supporting The Distressed Against The Tricks Of Satan): “He is the imam of atheists who disbelieve in Allah, his angels, his books, his messengers and the Last Day.

They said about Ibn al-Haytham that he was an outsiders of the religion of Islam, and an apostate just  like his counterparts of the philosophers. They said about  Abu al-‘Ala ‘Ahmad ibn Abd Allah al-Ma’ari that he was one of the most famous heretics, and that his poetry indicates his treachery, They said about Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Batuta that he was a polytheist and a liar, they cursed al-Kindi and said about him that he was a stray apostate.

We are not here today to defend these scholars who have left this world more than a thousand years ago, but we are against the flattening of the minds of people and against the fight against science and scientists whether from inside or outside .

And based on that Islam urged Muslims to travel to seek knowledge, even behind the walls of China, these tries to portrait those bright famous scientists as unbelievers besides the distortion of their image by these primitive methods will only  pave the way for the decline of Arab contributions to the production and development of science and literature.

The conclusion that we can come out  with here is that these calls to accuse scientists in their faith, in the past and present ,aim at its core to devote ignorance and underdevelopment, and to delay the birth of creativity in Muslim societies so that the peoples become puppets in the hands of clerics and sultans moving them the way they like and directing them only towards science that suits them and that preserves their status.

Heresy was and still is one of the most terrible weapons used against scientists and thinkers. It also sows the seeds of fear and suspicion in the rising societies to grow trees of ignorance and underdevelopment.

If we remain so, sooner or later we will reach what Europe reached in the dark ages. Progress has its causes and so does underdevelopment. Many nations before us were lost when they suppressed opinion and fought mind.



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