No hard feelings!

Written by Mr. Alaa Abu Zeid

(About the situation in his country; Jordan): a brilliant idea has crossed my mind for an economic project that benefits the Jordanian people and saves the government from the anger of the people who are being exposed to starving and prices’ raising… The idea is summed up like the following: we dispense the Jordanian House of Representatives … even temporarily .. and instead, we invest their salaries in buying cows.

Let’s do the math; the number of members of the House of Representatives is approximately 150 members, each with a salary of approximately one thousand dinars

 the average price of one cow is at least 1500 dinars..

which means every MP = 2 two cows a month, thus in one month we can buy 300 cows.

And in one year we would have about 3600 cows ..

If each cow produced 20 liters of milk a day, milk production will be 72,000 liters per day

If we dispensed the House of Representatives for only one cycle (4 years), we would have 14,400 cows, a total equivalent of cows in Denmark, the Netherlands and other leaders countries in exporting milk products.

As for the cost of cows’  fodder , barns and cooling .. The cost of food on the tables of deputies and ministers for three meals is more than enough to feed the cattle , besides , the costs of travel ,allowances ,protections and raises provided by the Council would absolutely cover “the rest of the expenses of the cows”

Besides that , we didn’t take in consideration that  these cows will breed , and  Jordan will soon become a country that competes with the Netherlands and Denmark in the production of milk and its products.

And if we want to fertilize these cows and reproduce them, it is possible to replace the prime minister, ministers and their deputies with first-degree bulls to reach this result – please no one laughs, this is serious people! In such a mess, any attempt to save the situation must be appreciated!-

After all this being said, are not cows way  better for the oppressed Jordanian people than the House of Representatives, which passes government laws on the backs of the Jordanian people through its failed parties and the rest of the other councils that have drained and stolen people’s money ???

Please .. Please if you find that the deputies and ministers are in some way better than the cows ,Please tell me so I immediately cancel this proposal ,and I would be very grateful!! Of course; no hard feelings!



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