Scandals of the Riyadh delegation in Geneva

“Everyone came to Riyadh knowing that they would sign whatever  the Saudi liaison officer- who is responsible for the meetings of the Riyadh negotiating delegation in Geneva- command them to sign” that is quoted from  Syrian opposition sources that are following the work of the opposition Syrian delegation called the Riyadh delegation.

The sources said in an interview with the website “AL-Ahd” that “the Saudis told the members of the delegation to sign whatever they are required to sign or they will be deported immediately to Damascus”. Adding that “a Saudi security officer told the delegation early in the morning that there was an airplane waiting to take them to Geneva and that they had to leave Riyadh immediately, and they surely did so as the delegation left their rooms quickly  to catch the plane that took them to Geneva, Switzerland.”

The source went on saying : “Following their arrival to Geneva, they were gathered in a closed hall to complete their entry into Switzerland, the thing that provoked the anger of  Munther Makhos (a member of the delegation), who asked the UN delegate- that is facilitating their logistics in Geneva- to open the Hall of Honor at the airport as he claimed being the ambassador of the opposition coalition in Paris, the UN official said that he doesn’t  have any instructions to receive an ambassador in the delegation and that he had no name of any ambassador in the invited list.

But after the insistence of “Munther Makhos” on his request, the UN employee had to show him the list of names and how his name does not have the title of ambassador, and explained that the United Nations Recognizes only the Syrian ambassador to the United Nations and its ambassador in Switzerland. ” According to Syrian opposition sources, members of the delegation protested that they were gathered in a closed room and asked to enter Switzerland immediately.

The answer  came from chief of Geneva airport police that they’ll have to wait 25 minutes to finish their entry papers.

Syrian opposition sources added that “the big scandal of the delegation of Riyadh was at the Royal Hotel where they checked in, after the representative of the German embassy criticized them and accused them of bringing people from outside the delegation to stay at the hotel.

The sources explained the details of what happened between the representative of the German embassy and the delegation members, saying that “the funding for the travel costs of the delegation of Riyadh are three countries (UAE, Saudi Arabia and Germany) .. An official from the German Embassy in Switzerland- which funds the costs of the stay of opposition delegation in Geneva at the Royal Hotel – told some of them whom he found in the lobby that their number is more than (85) people ,while the number of members of the Syrian government delegation (10) people including the ambassador in Switzerland.”

According to the sources, the German employee said, “we are paying the costs of lodging people who came from Geneva’s street .. ” but no one responded to the words of the German employee and they  just looked at each other.”

According to the sources, another incident took place between an official in the delegation and the hotel’s guards when a member of the Riyadh delegation entered the hotel with two suitcases and in accordance with the procedures followed by the Swiss authorities who are responsible for protecting the hotel, the guards asked the man to open his bags which was full of dollars, later it turned out that he got all this money  from a diplomat at the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Switzerland.



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