Separatist Militia Leaders are stealing the Syrian Oil

Controlling the Syrian Oil by the Kurdish separatist militias, depriving the Syrian inhabitants of Hasaka of it during this severe winter, selling it, and gainingBillions of benefits to buy weapons??!! Leaders and influentialpersons of theKurdish separatist militias headed by the so-called Ministers of Energy and Environment import small petroleum refineries, which work by heating petroleum in order to refine it using gas or electricity provided by merchants and smugglers from Turkey.

These imported refineries are made in Turkey or China, and serve as a real alternative to boilers and have big capacities that range from 20-100 barrels.

That means further stealing of the Syrian Petroleum and further accumulation of money by those leaders, as well as aggravation of environmental damage in the Syrian governorate of Hasaka, which already suffers from high pollution ratesthat exceed the international rate ten times.

In addition to depriving the inhabitants of Hasaka of home oil heating, and selling it exclusively in their Kurdish neighborhoods and for those who follow them.



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