Monthly Archives: December 2017

” HAARP” Climate Weapon – The Satanic Project

“HAARP” climate weapon has caused dust storms in Syria and most of the depressions have been driven away from Syria and Lebanon by this weapon. This climate weapon or the Project Blue Beam, which the United States has mastered , is a weapon that can turn the raining weather to sun shine and vice versa. Despite its scientific use, which ...

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Poor Minds

Chinese billionaire Jack Ma says: The worst people you could ever deal with are those of poor minds Give them something for free they will say it’s trap! Give them an opportunity for a project with little capital , they will say it is not a real project and will not generate a great return! Give them an opportunity for ...

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World’s first human head transplant a success

World’s first human head transplant has allegedly been performed on a corpse, but Italian Professor Sergio Canavero, who has been working with the team, said they would ‘imminently’ move onto a living human. The surgeon gained fame by demanding a human head transplant and suggests that the success of the experiment on a human body for the first time in ...

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