Religious Diversity Facts “Sects is Diversity not a Difference”

Sectarianism is a temporary phenomenon. It goes without saying that sectarianism in Syria, even if it seemed to be associated with the features of the crises of Syria including the current one, does not represent a common phenomenon that threats the unity of the Syrian entity and people.

Rather what is manifested out of this sectarianism has a local and situational dimension that does not exceed its specific place and time; especially that the sectarian situation in Syria before the crisis was characterized by coexistence among sects whether in the residential areas, workplaces, and study and education institutions.

Although each one of the differing parties has information and facts that support their vision, the general known facts about the Syrian history confirm the existence of sects in Syria for hundreds of years. Moreover, this existence is lasting and is not decisively affected or changed by all the political, economic, and cultural developments in Syria and its surroundings. In addition, when Syria entered the independence stage in the 40s, it raised a general slogan entitled “Religion is for God, the Homeland is for all” as an expression of rejecting sectarianism by the Syrian people, and assertion that the relationship among the Syrians of different religions and sects is not the basis on which the national entity exists.

This implies that despite the existence of religions and sects, the Syrians have adopted an approach that is far from religious and sectarian fanaticism, which means that they are not advocating sectarianism i.e. supporting a sect and opposing the others.

We must not fall in the trap of the sectarian reading of the crisis, since not all Sunnis in Syria have rebelled against the ruling authority and not all of them have joined ISIS. A minorityof them only did so, who are being controlled from abroad to achieve the interests and gorals of the west, namely internal strife, destroying minds, deepening extremism and fanaticism, which serves the warlords and west mafia.





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