Lobbying &bullying poison US decision-making processes

It goes without saying that some interest groups and influential lobbies have made their way to the helm of decision-making circles on the international level by buying loyalties. Without understanding the well-entrenched  machinations of  lobbying and bullying, it would be difficult to understand why so many weird decisions are plaguing our world today.

In an article published by the Strategic-Culture Foundation, former US diplomat Brian Cloughley  shed some light on the “pro-Israeli”  money  given to US Vice-President Mike Pence during his Congressional elections campaign, pointing out that the then Republican candidate for Indiana has received a whooping donation amounting to over 206 thousand dollars from pro-Israeli lobbyists. No wonder, therefore that he heaps such lavish praise to the Israeli occupation and never mentions anything about their flagrant violations of international law. No wonder also that he has been an enthusiast supporter of Trump’s awkward decision regarding the Holy city of al Quds (Jerusalem) for so many years now.  The “believer Congressman” has been so warmly welcomed and hailed by the notoriously influential “AIPAC”. In his article, the former diplomat also listed the so many UN resolutions on the status of Jerusalem that Washington simply ignored, in as much as it has ignored the wave of criticism Trump decision has triggered world-wide even from the US close allies.

Cloughley is not the only one to talk about these things. Former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has spoken out on several occasions about the tremendous influence pro-Zionist  lobbyists  have on US decision-making circles, including the Congress. In one of her videos, she noted how surprised she was when, as a winner of her Congressional seat, she was asked to pledge allegiance to Zionism. Back then, she said, she did not know what “Zionism” was. But once she said that allegiance should be pledged to the American people and not to a foreign force, the broadside on her began and never slackened down until she was voted out.

No wonder also that US mainstream media  rarely mention anything about these flagrant violations of both the international and the American law. The greater majority of these media means are  wholly or partially owned by these same “lobbies” and/or their associate interest groups. They are, therefore, being used as a means to deceive the public and sell out their suspicious agendas.

These very same media means have been on the uproar accusing Russia of meddling in the “democratic” process of the American elections. However, they said nothing about the explicit meddling by these known “interest groups”  who openly serve the agendas of a foreign party, namely the Israeli occupation authorities. The  US media said nothing about the influence pro-Israeli money is playing in bringing to power and to the helm of decision-making circles their “chosen” candidates,  who are supposed to serve the interests of the American  people, not the interests of a foreign “power”. However, the list of donors and donations  clearly show the explicit role played by these lobbies in the election campaigns and in deciding the winners of  seats at both the House of Representatives and the Senate.  What is more regrettable, though, is that Arabs who have lately “awakened” to these tactics are using their money to lobby not to serve the interests of their peoples and neighbors in the region, but rather against one another, against the interests of the people, and against regional security and stability. Huge amounts of Saudi and other GCC money are being spent to “persuade” the already persuaded decision-makers to tighten  their harsh measures against peoples of the region, rather than relaxing them. Such practices  run counter to any conceivable common sense, logic or even minimal standard of conscience. By doing so, they are offering their largesse to some known conspiratorial circles.

For instance, a lot of media reports talked about the money and “gifts” that United Arab Emirates officials and/or diplomats were “generously” throwing to media people and other influential individuals to gain support  in the on-going dispute with Qatar. Few years ago, other media reports have roused an uproar about the some 14 million dollars  granted by the State of Qatar to Martin Indykand his suspicious Saban Centre ( a pro-Zionist think-tank affiliated to the pro-Zionist Brookings Institution). Back then, pro-Zionist media tried to paint the matter as if it were an attempt by Qatar to influence the US decision-makers to serve her own agendas, but in fact, such amounts of money have done little to sway the already-schemed agenda of Brookings and its Saban Centre. To accuse no one other than Martin Indykof  trying to serve a Qatari agenda against “Israel” is a silly joke. Both overtly and covertly, the man has been an ardent supporter of the occupation entity. He has done the unthinkable to serve the Zionist entity and the Zionist agendas.  He has publicly spear-headed the war on Syria since the early days of this dirty war. His infamous interview with the former French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe self-evidently  proves such an anti-Syrian stance.

However, Gulf ‘Arab’ money spent on lobbying has done nothing to serve the region, its peoples or their future and development. To the contrary, these huge amounts of money were spent on destruction and crisis-initiation.

The good news, however, is the fact that modern technology has allowed a greater space for a relatively  freer   exchange of information. More and more people around the world are now aware of so many truths that had been kept hidden for such a long time. They are now able to fact-check the fake stories promoted by hired pens and are able to cross reference their sources.



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