Freedom of forced choice

Let’s start with a simple example, when you visit a friend at home and he asks you: would you like to drink coffee or tea? You wouldn’t think of asking for juice for example, and this situation is called “freedom of forced choice” ,It makes your mind limited to specific choices imposed on you involuntarily and prevent your mind from searching for other available choices. Some of us practice this without intent, while some plan to do it with wit and intelligence . But the real power is when we practice this method with intent and when I make you choose what I want you to choose while you aren’t aware of that, the same method is used in politics and media, for example; after the crash of an American spy plane in the Chinese airspace and after relations between the two countries were very strained, the American president came out and said that the US administration deprecates China’s delay in handing over the US aircraft, the harsh response from the Chinese administration came  that they will search the plane for eavesdropping devices before delivering it to the US! The truth is that the essential real issue is whether China will hand over the plane to America or not, but the American rhetoric made it look like the problem was  the delay ..! Why are you late? The Chinese reply said that before delivery, it would be inspected and this is an included agreement  to the delivery of the plane , they only gave the Chinese the free choice to decide when!! Another example , the last Iraq war, the “playoff”  was the battle of the airport. The media mobilized the two sides to say that the decisive battle was the “battle of the airport”. All the Iraqi armed forces were waiting for this battle. When the airport fell, everyone felt that all of Iraq had fallen and morale died, while at that time it was only the airport that fell. And now the media are playing the same game in our societies that are exhausted by ignorance and lack of awareness. This is one of many methods that makes you see only “what I want you to see” It is a powerful way of leading public opinion and others by setting imaginary options that restrict the thinking of the other party.  Media  always tries to put the event in the suitable framework to make you support the case they chose, thus, pay attention to every question you are asked, every piece of news or information you receive, as it may take away your mind , your ability of decision making and your convictions, as you can see, many broadcasters put their guest in the corner and the row they want!  But remember the more human have awareness and knowledge, the more he would be able to get out of these frameworks and constraints , these “forced choices” are the game of media , politicians , preachers and writers … to lead you to what they want, not to what you want.

In a nut shell: he who design the menu , controls the choices!





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