Father Zahlawidelivers a poignant message to the hypocrite West

At a session held by the European Parliament on December 6, 2017, Father Elias Zahlawi said the following: The Syrian crisis has roused some worrisome questions, to say the least. From my point of view, as an Arab Catholic cleric descendant ofthe first Christian community in Syria, I found it appropriate to share with you my personal approach to one of the deep reasons behind the unexpected resistance with which Syria fought back this war.

Thanks, in particular, to this specific kind of resistance,  Syria, as you know,  has got an unconditional support from her allies, who know very well that they would be threatened with the  same destiny if Syria were to fall. For about seven long years now, your mainstream media (MSM) were bombarding you day and night with unquestionable “certainties” such as: The war in Syria is a ‘civil war’, or ‘the ruling regime is a dictator killing his own people with impunity.’ Does not this remind you of the scenarios used before to destroy Iraq first and Libya afterwards?

What is equally curious is how the West has  suddenlybecame so emotional. This out of  blue wave of  chivalry, led by the United States inside the United Nations organization, has rallied up to  140 states all of themdeclared war against Syria and imposed a suffocating system of sanctions on her.  As they failed to carry out their “humanitarian”interventionist scenario known as “R2P”,  hundreds of  thousands of Islamist “Jihadists”  flocked into Syria. As you know, they have been picked up from  some 100  countries and were armed, trained, funded  and sent to Syria under the command of  a selected elite of one of  world’s sturdiest   intelligence men. For  years and years,  they started to flow into Syria in the form of successive hordes; one wave after the other, allegedly to establish “democracy,” and “defend human rights”.  The cost of this  miserable adventure, on the humanitarian level alone and according to UN estimates was as following:  Exactly half of the 24 million people who have been living in Syria are now  homeless roaming the streets both inside Syria and all over the lands and seas around the world. Thousands of  deaths,  hundreds of thousands of disabled and tens of thousands of missing persons  of all  religious, social or age categories.

Nevertheless, Syria, as a people, leadership, Army and state, has stood her grounds. Let us admit that this unexpected  resistance  shown by Syria has roused a lot of queries and managed to shake  off a lot of the “certainties”  that used to be taken  for granted as “politically correct.” In brief, this resistance should prompt,without any further delay, some immediate honest  endeavors in the search for  some persevering and courageous sensible ways (out of the war)  away from any trivial or bigoted calculus.

Allow me to say that in spite of my deep skepticism about the West as a whole, I found it a must to give myself the liberty to come here to tell you that you, the West, have, consciously or unconsciously, constructedtwo  Muslim worlds that,  in reality, have  nothing to do with Islam.

The first one is made up of  these countless Muslim communities omnipresent throughout the West. For decades, you have used to rely on the individuals of these communities in carrying out the menial labor which your citizens look down upon and loathe to do.

The greater majority of these communities have been and still are marginalized and disenfranchised within your societies.

The deep sense of inferiority weighing heavily upon them is feared to be a sort of brewing grudge that may suddenly burst into a sweepingand explosive rancor.  You have, by now,  experienced some worrisome ‘specimens’ of such a rancor.

The second one of these two worlds involves the countless groups of “Jihadists”, which you have (erroneously) imagined that you can create and use to destroy the “others”, while you would still be immune against any worrying ‘surprise’. You hedged your bets solely on what you reckoned as “your defensive networks” that no force can penetrate. But sooner rather than later, your bet proved to be a wrong one.

Translated from Arabic by Syrianfacts





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