Daily Archives: Thursday January 4th, 2018

Washington does not intendto OverthrowPresident Al-Assad and Tries to sellits Attitude

“Al-Assad shall not leave”, the title of an article written by “Gevorg Mirzayan” in “Expert Online”that the U.S is no longer demanding Al-Assad’s oust despite talking about the opposite in public. The article starts from that the demand of “Al-Assad shall leave” has no longer been the official attitude of U.S, and that the State Department and the White House, ...

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Ford is actingoutside theCourse of the US Administration

The former US ambassador to Damascus, Robert ford is acting outside the course of the US administration as he regularly criticizes the failure of this administration in Syria and saves no occasion to affirm the victory of the President Bashar Al-Assad.After warning “the fighters of the Kurdish Protection Units (YPG)” of the consequences behind believing the American promises and condemning ...

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