Washington does not intendto OverthrowPresident Al-Assad and Tries to sellits Attitude

“Al-Assad shall not leave”, the title of an article written by “Gevorg Mirzayan” in “Expert Online”that the U.S is no longer demanding Al-Assad’s oust despite talking about the opposite in public.

The article starts from that the demand of “Al-Assad shall leave” has no longer been the official attitude of U.S, and that the State Department and the White House, of course, deny this fact and confirm the official attitude of U.S which persists on the principle of “Syria’s future without Al-Assad”. However, according to the New Yorker magazine, Donald Trump accepts that Al-Assad will remain in power as a President of Syria until the next Presidential election, which is scheduledtentatively in 2021, which means in fact the U.S rejection to adopt the policy of overthrowing the current government in Syria, according to the article’s writer.

Why Trump has changed his attitude? Mirzayanwonders and says: some experts attribute that to the Russian attitude … since the overthrow of Al-Assad becomes impossible, thanks to Moscow, and Trump simply gave up such idea, being pragmatic person. Nevertheless, this matter has nolonger been his priority;specifically it was never his personal priority.

The overthrow of Al-Assad was the main target of Obama in Syria, who unfortunately did not achieve such a victory then, sinceWashington failed to seek mediation with Moscow, the writer added. When Trump’s administration assumed power, “a big deal” was set again in the schedule, however, the US President acted cunningly, as he simply changed the target.

According to the article, Trump said, by the beginning of 2017: “the main aim of the USA concerning Syria will not be the overthrow of Al-Assad;rather it will be the battle against ISIS. Actually and currently, defeating ISIS will bemuch easier than overthrowing President Bashar Al-Assad”.

Source: “arabic.rt”



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