A secret operation room supervising the unrest in Iran

Ain AL-Rased  news agency has confirmed according to secret sources that Michael D’Andrea ;officer of the Central Intelligence Agency, recently appointed to head the Agency’s Iran Mission Centre  at the end of May 2017. He has been known in the US security community for his extreme rigor in torturing Guantanamo detainees.

and that he has distinguished relations with the Israeli Mossad and participated in the assassination of the martyr ImadMughniyeh 2008.

D’andreahad two major failures: the first was in 2009 when an Afghan -recruited by D’ Andrea himself – blewup himself at a meeting of CIA officers in Afghanistan, killing seven officers.

And the second in 2015 when he ordered a drone attack on a target in Afghanistan and killed two CIA officers who were being held hostage in the bombed area.

He currently supervises the secret operation rooms in Riyadh / Tel Aviv / Erbil / Herat

An additional operating room in Riyadh for people’sMujahideen Of Iran was set up, or rather activated, by a person named Dr. Mahmoud Zahedi. The operation room of the Mujahideen was also activated in Paris with the consent of the French government and is run by one of Maryam Rajavi’sassistants who’s called Dr.Ridah x (Anonymous Family Name)

Michael D’Andreaexpressed to people close to him his disappointment with the results of the recent opposition action in Iran. He considers that the estimates of the PMOI is inaccurate and that the pace of the demonstrations and the low number of participants is a proof of that.





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