Faisal Al-Qassem…the MI6 Agent

By the Journalist Hilal Aoun

Faisal Al-Qassem was born in Thaala village in 1961. He worked in the Car washing &Lubrication Station that is owned by his friend Ahmad Monir Al-Oulabi. As a result of stealing engines oil,he was imprisoned in Adra prison for eight months by virtue of a verdict issued by the penal court of first instance  in Damascus -2nd chamber, when he was a third year English literature student.

He graduated from Damascus University in 1983. Then he worked as a waiter in a night club in Al-Tal District in Damascus Suburb.While working there, he met the Saudi, Khalid Al-Mutairi, who admired Faisal so muchandthey became close friends to the extent that Faisal used to accompany Khaled to his apartmentthat is located in Al-Mazra’a, where he worked as a paid pimp for him for more than 45 days.

They were arrested by the criminal security department and imprisoned in Adra prison for four months and they were released on bail.

As soon as they were released, Al-Mutairi arranged for Faisal to travel to Saudi Arabia, from wherehe headed to Britain to pursue his studies. He obtained the British nationality and acquired thePhD Degree in English literature – Department of Drama, University of Hull.

He worked as a program producerfor the British BBCTelevision from 1994 to1996.

He was discovered by the MI6Officer”John Gardling,” who appointed him at Al-Jazeera TV Channel on 15/09/1996,a branch of the British BBC. The famous MI6 Officer Charles Schauberg said thatFaisal is a dirty man who has no conscience or morality. He cares about nothing but money, and we can depend on him!

His beautiful wife is the reason behind his fame on Al-Jazeera Channel. She was introduced by Wadah Khanfar, the former director of Al-Jazeera Channel, toSheikh Hamad thedeposed Emir of Qatar,who admired her and appointed her as his consultant. He was paying private visits to her. Sheikha Mozah heard about this and she imprisoned Faisal and his wife for ten days.Faisal was absent fromhis Program “The Opposite Direction”.

This relationship was confirmed by Dr. Fidaa Hazza Al-Qassem,Faisal’s cousin!!

The MI6 Officer Charles says that if you want to unsettlethe Tunisian public and destroy Tunisia, you have to resort to Qatar and Faisal Al-Qassem who is the friend of the terrorist Zionist, Bernard Levy, thegodfather of the so-called “Arab revolutions”. They have become close friends and worked togethersince 2001. Since the beginning of “the Arab Fall”and its so-called revolutions, Bernard Levywas the actual producer of “The Opposite Direction” Program. Faisal used to secretly travel to Tunisia using forged passports; as he useda British passport under the name of”Ted Richard” and a Qatari passport under the name “Ahmad Ibrahim Al-Ajami”. In Tunisia, Faisal met the two terrorists Rashed Al-Ghanoushi and Monsef Al- Marzouki.



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