Snowden’s Application Catches Spies who try to tamper with your Devices

The Independent Journal has confirmed that “Edward Snowden”, the former National Security Agency contracted agent, is behind the currently trending security application, which allows its user to catch anyone who tries to temper with the electronic devices while their owner is away.

The application is called “Haven” and it uses sensors in smartphones to detect the incidents when your device is being hacked and record evidence of their attempts.

The journal pointed thatthe application is available not only on smartphones, but also on any old phone you can leave along with your possessions that you want to protect while you are away. The application uses phone’s camera, speakers, microphone, and many other devices in the device to alert you for what’s going on.

The application records videos and sound clips, and catches pictures when activated by any unusual activity that occurs in the device to start working. The application is currently available on Android system, however, it will soon support IOS system for iPhone devices, the journal indicated.

The journal concluded that the application was designed especially to journalists and human rights defenders, nevertheless, anyone can download it.

Source: “The Independent”



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