Healing and treating hearts

An interesting advertisement once caught my eye; the ad said:” healing and treating hearts” I was full of curiosity so I entered the shop, there I found an old man who looked at me and smiled saying : ” don’t be surprised, yes, I do fix and treat hearts”  then he put his right ear next to my heart , he listened carefully then said : ” you have an accelerating heart beats rate.. o! son! Don’t panic as your treatment is very simple .. I only have one- with God’s will- healing prescription  for you or for whoever come to me looking for treatment .. come on son bring a pen and a paper and write down what I’m going to say : Oh, son!  your livelihood is divided, do not tire .. Your destiny is inevitable ,do not be afraid…purge your heart from three: hatred, grudge and hypocrisy.. decorate it with three: honesty, sincerity and piousness … and keep in your heart three things: leaving your life in the hands of God, loving the prophets , and thanking God for better or for worse…

And leave the creation for the Creator , always be preoccupied with minding your own business and let others mind theirs… always have three things:  a tongue that always praise God,  a patient body and an aware enlightened mind …

Keep away from three : talking about people, attaching to people and sitting with someone evil…as enjoying talking about people is a sign of moral bankruptcy…

Remember son, do what you must do and leave the rest to God.. take your medicine and pray to God to heal you…”

Oh God!  What a relief I felt after hearing his wise words … I went back home carrying these precious words between my eyes full of determination to follow them.. may my heart  find comfort in them…they are not just words, they are a way of life in which hearts will be revived, souls will be cheered, and life will be fulfilled..



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