Syria’s Strategic Importance in the Heart of the World

Syria is one of the most important geopolitical and economic centers of the main international equation. Its location on the eastern Mediterranean coast makes it a coastal gateway to the Asian continent. As regards the Atlantic Axis of the commercial sea powers, it needs the Syrian location to encircle its counterpart (the Eurasian continental axis), this is according to the principle of “Anaconda” that was passed on by the political Atlantic thinker “Alfred Mahan”, where this principle is embodied in the siege of the hostile territories from the sea and across the coastlines, which gradually lead to the gradual depletion of the opponent. Besides, Syria location connects the three continents Asia, Europe and Africa; therefore, it is located at the intersection lines of trade and commerce among these continents.

America and some Western countries want to have control on Syria in order to extend power lines from the Arabian Gulf to Europe via Syria to break the need of Europe for the Russian gas and to weaken the Russia they are afraid of, also to make the Syrian lands and ports a passage for importing and exporting goods to the Arab Gulf states. Syria’s position in the north of Palestine makes it an essential target of the world Zionist movement, which must be controlled in order to implement the Zionist movement plans in the region.

This factor gives Syria a very great geopolitical importance, but at the same time it gives Syria a key point of strength imposed by the international calculations due to the excessive and influential sensitivity of this folder and the impossibility of adventuring in it. Syria is rich in natural, human and cultural resources.

Oil, natural gas and phosphate are deemed among its most important natural resources, as well as the great diversity of its agricultural and livestock production; the real figures for this huge production may surprise a lot.

Therefore, the vicious attack on Syria in 2011 was made by the Atlantic Axis, which supported terrorism politically, logistically, financially and in media, secretly and publicly, to control Syria and put it in its side within the international equation, but it collided with the unity of the rooted Syrian people of all spectra who gave their best sons for Syria to remain, beside supporting the Eurasian axis resisting the US domination under the leadership of the Russian Federation, and here the international equation takes root in the geopolitical context.

The axis in which Syria shall be a party shall be able to influence most important international data.



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