Syria will remainthe Unbreakable Castel

Gentlemen,we are living in the Internet era; when no traitor of the Syrian revolution’s rabblehas missed watching the interview of the snakehead, Hamad bin Jassim with the Qatari television, when he summed up their vice revolution with this phrase….

Imagine with me what would have actually happenedif the preyhad notescaped? Damascus would be today a newshattered Qandahar, and millions of the Syrians would have been exterminated by the bloody Wahhabi doctrines of Ibn Taymiyyah and Sayyid Qutb.

Furthermore, Syria would have transformed into another Million times Libya, since allLibyansbelong to one faith and one sect.

However, in case of Syria with its highly diverse sects, the entire Orient will turn into a large sectarian slaughterhouse for human beheadings that will continue for 100 years ahead.

If the prey had not escaped, the so-called “Muslim Brothers” would have boastedand grown up in every Arab country from the Ocean to the Gulf, and Netanyahu would have spentthe New Year’s Eve in Damascus together with his friends such as Kamal Al-Labwani and the rest of the “revolutionaries”, who were hospitalized, given salaries and provided with ammunition by Netanyahu, as published in the investigative report carried out by the “Wall Street Journal” in June.

Israel would have also returned to Lebanon with all its strength, arrogance, phosphorus bombs and cluster bombs. It would have concentrated on fighting the resistance, cut off its supplies, and appointed a slavish president for to achieve its goals.

Dear readers, this nightmare did not evaporate by itself like magic;they are the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army whosacrificed their livesto defeat it. Syria will remain the unbreakable castle under the leadership of its icon of victory, Mr. President Bashar Al-Assad, and the men of the sun, the men of the Syrian army.


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