Scientists Determine the Source of Immortality

Scientists have discovered the avoidance of aging organisms through a study of hydra hydrangea.Scientists from the United States and Switzerland have shown how the Hydra avoids aging. And they were able to stop the ability of the polyp “benign tumor” on regeneration, and stressed that this affects the functions of epithelial tissues, especially the function of “self-impersonation.”

This process proved important in prolonging the life of animals. Scientists consider the hydra polyp to be the most suitable to study, because a large proportion of the model genes have analogues in the organism.

These polyps (benign tumors) show only small signs of aging because they are constantly divided into epithelial stem cells and interstitial cells.Scientists have studied two types of hydra ” Hydra oligactis ” which cause stem cells to have different consequences.They restricted food access to their cells. As a result, the “cold” polycarbonate “Ho_CR” was adapted and remained healthy, while the other “Ho_CS” died three months later.That is, restricting food access to “Ho_CS” slows down the process of self-induction, which explains the mechanism of delayed aging or longevity caused by lack of nutrients.





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