‘World’s Youngest Inventor’ of 100 Patents was a victim of terrorism in Syria

US lawyer George Morgan felt sad for the loss of one of the most outstanding young inventors of the world as he said that:” Besides Steve Jobs, who was of Syrian extraction, one of the most notable Syrian inventor was Issa Abboud, 27, who was the recipient of a WIPO Gold Medal Award for “the world’s youngest inventor” in Geneva for his scientific research on “storing information in a living cell”, and who was issued over 100 patents ;was shot dead in his car by criminal armed gangs at al-Nozha neighborhood in Homs” beside that , In 2004 Issa Abboud won the gold award at the Basel Creativity and Inventions Exhibition for conducting a research on generating electricity from the ground.  “Issa Abboud” was the first target of freedom claimers and the agents of NATO and Zionism who rushed to target him in less than a month after they declared what they called “revolution” as  Issa Abboud was martyred on April 18, 2011 at the age of 27 years, leaving us many inventions including: storing information in a living cell 2000, generating electricity from the ground 2004, a robot equipped with a memory unit, a device to protect humans and  machines from electrical hazards electronically, an early cancer detection device through cellular telepathy , besides , before his martyrdom he worked in the field of specialized automation software and artificial intelligence systems, and many other valuable inventions.





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