French keenness on the stability of Syria or a panic of the rebound of terrorists on them?

France’s General Directorate of Internal Security has arrested two extremists in the cities of Paris and Lyon before Christmas who were active on social media and contacting members of ISIS in Syria and Iraq , the French daily Le Figaro said, adding that they were planning to move to the implementation phase separately, as they were in the process of planning to target the security forces in the country.

A special source told the newspaper that “extremist Islamic groups responsible for the promotion” continue to communicate frequently on encrypted networks and often on Telegram.” Le Figaro said that while 13 attacks have been thwarted since January, the French General Directorate of Internal Security is tracking at least (4,000) targets, some of which are likely to be at the core of a threat that nobody is aware of.

In light of this imminent danger to France, French President Emmanuel Macron said that “a political settlement in Syria must be reached in preparation for the elections,” adding that he would “work hard to achieve peace in Syria” and stressing that ” the existence of  terrorism’s Propaganda websites mustn’t be acceptable” .

Macron pointed out that his country will face the issue of financing terrorism in Iraq and Syria, pointing out that a dialogue with representatives of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must exist . “Drug’s and human trafficking  money  funds terrorism in Iraq and Syria and we must win peace in the Middle East to prevent the emergence of new terrorist groups,” he said.

Source: “syrianfacts”.



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