From Aleppo to al-Quds: the Path of Sacrifices and the Signs of Victory.

By Dr. Ahmad al-Haj Ali

  • Treachery is common instinctive feature of both the US policies and the terrorists

  • The fingers on the trigger, while hearts & minds are beaming light for peace

  • Warrens are theirs, ours is a proud history, noble traits and visionary awareness

History has often provided us with some useful clues and indications to help us identify the variable routes of this major colonial phenomenon. To be on the safe side, we stress, in advance, that such routes are not mechanically repeated.

There are always some modifications and variations added to such processes to cope with certain temporary needs and requirements. There are also some alarming additions introduced to the modes of flow of arms and militantsto enable them  press ahead yet further into their path of criminality. By this we mean the use of high-tech know-how to carry out acts of aggression.

The basic rule that governs this phenomenon of aggression is the typical trait of treachery that all forces of aggression have in common.

In advance, we reiterate that colonialism is a condemnable phenomenon from A to Z.  No matter how some details or modes of operation might vary in the execution of such acts of aggression, treachery continues to be the predominant rule governing the brutal  crime of colonialism. Resistance fighters and forces should therefore be fully  aware and vigilant.

They should never forget that treachery is a deeply-rooted characteristic of their enemy. No matter how  forces of aggression might change their skin  or transform their shapes,  they  never abandon treachery as a core essence of their nature. They do spend quite a long time to meticulously camouflage their ill-intentions, hence no wonder how they easily find their way to their victim.

We can easily recognize and identify this core trait in the US terrorist behavior especially over the past few days. All indications and facts on the ground were signaling some substantive achievements being accomplished by the Syrian homeland thanks to the  dear sacrifices  offered by the martyrs, thanks to the patience of the people and thanks to the wise and vivid political approach with which  the phenomenon of terrorism, its representatives and its manifestations have been tackled. This Syrian  mainstreamrally  has been presenting some solid facts proving the homeland’s  commitment to peace  and dialogue.

War is not a hobby nor a temptation. War has been our last resort to self-defense and ward off  the unprovoked wave of death and destruction. Yet, war was fought with all our well-preserved and long-standing commitment to noble values and high morals. Hence, we had to keep our fingers ready on the trigger and our hearts  full of hopes  yearning for some honorable solutions.  Our homeland is an open country, for sure.

But it has never been and will never be a forsaken land for   forces of aggression to loosely tread upon. We know and the entire world knows that  our Syrian homeland has delivered on the vowed promise  of liberating the homeland from the filth and the scourge of terrorism, to a large extent. At this point, Syria and her allies  opened a window for the terrorists and their masters for an exit strategy. This is the key idea of holding a national conference in Sochi.

This was a critical and historical moment. We have been skeptically crossing our fingers because we have been absolutely sure that US policy-makers are treacherous and deceptive and we were fully aware that the terrorists  were lurking in the darkness waiting to re-bounce again. Our fears proved to be true.

When the battles were about to come to end, the US policy-makers  made it impudently clear that  US troops in Syria would not leave just because terrorism was defeated nor would they leave just because the national Syrian conference is going to be held in Sochi. This has clearly exposed their long-standing intent to obstruct and disrupt any potential solution.

This came at a time when the Russian friends  announced  the re-deployment of their forces in Syria. Within this contexts, they mobilized the  the terrorist forces in Northern Syria and in the vicinity of the capital city of Damascus, while at the same time provoking troubles sisterly Iran.

The ultimate objective behind all of these moves was to disrupt the positive transformations in the Syrian national process by ensuing disputes and invoking adverse trends with our friends and allies.

Opinionated people have long ago concurred that this war of aggression against Syria, both theoretically and practically, is a complex and sophisticated macro-political scheme.  That is why we see that the tools of killing have taken such a diverse ways, that are not restricted to direct military confrontations on the battlefields.

Treachery is the core element of the terrorists’ ideology and their modus operandi. They would not mind killing people indiscriminately by explosive devices or by random onslaughts against each and every  human individual or basic infrastructure in this  homeland.  This should prompt us to look with scrutiny not only into their acts and deeds, but alsointo the trends from which they are originated (We should try to trace this trend back to its main sources to know where from is it originated and to whom do these individuals belong).

The main objective of this aggression is not only to escalate the physical threat by means of all state of the art tools of sabotage, but also attempts to shake off and falter down the very structure of the Syrian society, primarily by detaching the homeland from its long-standing  history.  Forces of aggression are working hard to exact such a disconnection in the “hope” of creating  so many gaps and holes that  might, due to fatigue and hardships, might be turned into gateways for easier infiltration. That is why, they basically pop up from what is perceived as “safe spots”.

They want us to dump our memory so we might  abandon our stances and be cornered into a lethal so-called “realistic option” being presented as the only compulsory route out of the acute pains.

This explains why forces of aggression are doubling down their activities on some “safe spots and corners” rather than direct confrontations on the battlefields,  the tools for which have been prepared.

Here we can spot the lethal “cultural” components employed by the terrorists and their bosses, who are trying to drive us into a weird state of schizophrenia in our national life.

By infecting us with such an ailment, they fancy that we would eventually fall into absolute surrender  and perhaps  kiss the hands of perpetrators. They want us to twist reality and believe that the threat comes from the victim rather than the aggressor.

They want us to believe that savagery and killing are the resort, the safe haven and the refuge. That is why they heavily try to twist the history and present a fake and lethal narrative, according to which the murderer would walk in the victim’s funeral with the dagger under the cloak.

This was a key tactic applied by the savage beasts. Hence do they try to ruthlessly embed in all national joints and components.

They spare nothing and stop at nothing. They have even tried to overtake the very holy religious beliefs, in an attempt to  turn them into a dark poisonous tool with which the grand crime can be perpetrated. Hence have they went on the rampage with their brutality and savagery, thinking that such a viciousness would scare the people into an absolute surrender.

The age-old tactic of “Divide and Rule” has been taken to the extreme as to sow seeds of contradictions within the very soul of the human person.

They wanted our human persons to be tormented with internal contradictions so that the human person would find himself/herself in contradiction with oneself, with own history and with own beliefs, to preempt any potential positive role or any potential resurrection.

History-laureate Aleppo  opted otherwise. Aleppo proved them wrong. Aleppo proved to be an inexhaustible source of grace, generosity and growth.

Aleppo proved to be a vigorous root of history that is still vivid and alive. Aleppo’s  latent vividness rose from the depth of history to ward off the danger and to show the glaring contrast  between the noble Syrian posture of deep faith and noble values and the doomed project of the blood-lusting strangers and   their  dark forces.

. As an alternative, they want us to embrace the so-called “realistic option”, which is in fact a lethal option being presented as a “compulsory” route out of the

Within this context, they activated a concerted mobilization of  terrorists  forces wherever possible, especially in the northern areas and in the vicinity of the capital.

History of the vivid nations may  exhibit  juxtapositions  or concurrences. In any case, history continues to influence the presence and the future.

Hence, it remains a rich source of  research and studies to learn from its lessons, especially at such a critical and hard time as the one our beloved homeland is going through.

Of the key lessons of history that we need to keep in mind is the inseparability between Aleppo and Holy al-Quds (Holy Jerusalem).

Facts of history, throughout all periods of transitions and transformations, always point to the core origins that  unite this nation, especially in Geographic Syria  (also  known with its international name of the Levant and with its Arabic name Bilad al-Sham). Through such a perspective, the vast geographic area lying between the two eternal cities would feature out their civilizational unity, especially if  we reinstate the following observations:

  • From Aleppo in the north to Jerusalem in the south, there has always been common features of civilization. Both of them have always fought against the same enemy and both of them fought to restore Syria’s pioneering role and stability. We need not delve deep into history to see  how these two cities have always shared a lot in common and have always been influenced by one another. Suffice to remember some of the pivotal  historic junctures such as the Hamadanites state of Aleppo,  the united struggle against  both the Moghuls and the Tatar, the common fight against  the foreign Crusaders which eventually led to the victory in Hittin to the eventual liberation of the holy shrines of Jerusalem twice in the first and in the second  Crusaders Conquests.

  • The enemies have always endeavored to break the unity if this  line that  stretches from  northern Syrian, through Aleppo, Hama, Homs, Damascus, Karak in Jordan and up to Hebron and Holy Jerusalem. The response has always been a joint Arab Islamic-Christian  counteraction that eventually reinstate the unity of BiladAlSham (Geographic Syria) against foreign destroyers.

  • Such a sensible reading would raise awareness about the rich sources of civilization abundantly available in this vast region within the framework of  Arab complementarity with an Islamic-Christian unity, under the umbrella of which all  diverse schools of thought whether they are religious, political or social may freely prosper and offer their positive contributions. Here we have some  major antecedences to learn from and to restore. Above all, we need to learn how we should be and how important it is to maintain our  unity, as a priceless treasure. In this hard and stormy time, we should always keep in mind that the inter-connection between Aleppo and Jerusalem presents the optimal course for us to honorably walk along and never retreat or deviate from.

Translated from Arabic into English by Syrianfacts




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