Daily Archives: Saturday January 20th, 2018

Wahhabism in the British Archives

Memoirs of “Hempher”,the British spy, with “Mohammad bin Abdul Wahab”,the founder of the Wahhabi movement Introduction of Hempher’sMemoirs: My first meeting with Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab was in Basra – Iraq, which was the cornerstone of an intimate relationshipthat started to flourish between me and him and the British Colonial Office,through which the British government aimed at striking the unity ...

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Jordan directs a big blow to Saudi anti-Syrian politics

King Abdullah II of Jordan has been in disagreement with the Saudi Crown Prince, who asked him not to attend the Istanbul Islamic Conference on Jerusalem in support of Saudi Arabia of the position of US President Trump, who declared the occupied city of Jerusalem a capital of Israel. Jordan’s King Abdullah II rejected the request of Crown Prince Mohammed ...

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