Wahhabism in the British Archives

Memoirs of “Hempher”,the British spy, with “Mohammad bin Abdul Wahab”,the founder of the Wahhabi movement

Introduction of Hempher’sMemoirs:

  • My first meeting with Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab was in Basra – Iraq, which was the cornerstone of an intimate relationshipthat started to flourish between me and him and the British Colonial Office,through which the British government aimed at striking the unity of Muslims and fighting the Ottoman Empire in order to weaken it from within.

  • Later, this causedthe collapse of the Islamic caliphate in Istanbul, and thenBritain used “Bin Abdul Wahab” as a tool to kill Muslims in Ta’if, Mecca, Medina and other countries.

Bin Abdul Wahab and the British document:

The Colonial Office of the British government developed a very elaborate plan in order to be implemented by “Mohammad bin Abdul Wahab”, which states the following:

  1. Accusing all Muslims of apostasy andjustifying the slaughter of them, robbing their money, raping their women,turning Muslim men into slaves and Muslim women into maids in order tosell them in the slavemarkets.

2.Demolishing the Kaaba,if possible, under the pretext of being a pagan monument, preventing people fromgoing on a pilgrimage to Kaaba(Hajj), tempting the tribes to rob the pilgrims and kill them.

  1. Seeking to remove the Caliph from power, tempting people to disobeyhim andmobilizing armies to fight him. It is also necessary for them to fight (the noblesof Hijaz) by all possible means and reduce their influence.

4.Demolishing the domes, tombs and holy sites of Muslims in Mecca, Medina and the rest of the countries under the pretext of beingpagan ,polytheistic , andunderestimating Prophet Mohammad character, his successors and the men of Islam.

  1. Spreading chaos and terrorism in the countries as much as possible.

  2. Disseminating a new modified Quranthat contains the modification that was affirmed in the Prophet Mohammad sayings (Hadith) more or less.

“Bin Abdul Wahab” as described by Hempher:

  • The ambitious young man (Mohammad) adhered to his own interpretation of Quran and Sunnah. Therefore, he was completely disregarding theinterpretations of other Muslim scholars,not only the Muslim scholars of his time and the Muslim scholars of the four doctrines, but also those of Abu Bakr and Omar,the companions of Prophet Mohammad, if they were different from his own interpretation.

“Bin Abdul Wahab” is the lost treasure that Hempher is looking for:

  • Mohammad Abdul Wahab was my lost treasure for which I was looking. His ambitious and liberation from the Muslim scholars of his time and his independent opinion, which does not even take the views of the four caliphs into considerationin terms of the interpretation of the Quran and Sunnah,were his greatestweaknesses from which I could control him.

  • Mohammad Bin Abdul Wahhab said about himself that he had more knowledge than Imam Abu Hanifa, and that half of the book of Sahih al-Bukhari was false.

  • The strongest and most reliable bonds and relationswere created between Mohammed and me, and I was constantly encouraging him and showing him that he is more talented than (Ali and Omar, the companions of the Prophet Mohammad), saying”if the Prophet Mohammed were present today, he would choose you as his successor instead of them.”

  • I always told him that “I hope to have renewedby you, so you are the only savior who is hopedto lift Islam out of this decay.”

Bin Abdul Wahab’s Campaign under a BritishSponsorship:

  • In 1143 Hijri, his determinationbecame strong and he gathered a good number of supporters in Najd, wherehe demonstrated his call by vague words and phrases to his most sincere followers.

  • He extended his call to a wider range, and a verystrong group was given money in order to support him. I used to encourage the members of the group to overcome all the fearsthey may facewhile attackingthe enemies of Mohammad Bin Abdul Wahab.

  • The more his callwas spread, the more enemies he had.He sometimes wanted to give up under the pressure of the rumors; but I was encouraging him to overcome them.

About the Wahhabi Movement:

  • The battle against the enemies involved hit-and-run. There were spies whom I gave money to watch the enemies of Mohammed bin Abdul Wahhab. Whenever they want to provoke sedition, the spies used to tell us what they are up to, so that we can turn the plan upside down.

  • Sheikh Bin Abdul Wahab promised me to implement all the six-point plan, but he said that he could not reveal all the objectives of his call at the present time. Bin Abdul Wahab ability to “demolish the Kabaa” was unlikely to happen as soon as he seizes it.

  • Furthermore, he could not tell people his pretext that the Kaaba isa pagan monument, as well as, he knew that he could not formulate a new Quran. The authorities in Mecca and Astana were the powers he feared most.

“Mohammed Bin Saud” Assists”Bin Abdul Wahab”under British Instructions:

  • After years of work, the Colonial Office of the British government managed to bring “Mohammed bin Saud” on our side. Therefore, they sent a messenger to me that it is necessary to have cooperation between the “two Mohammads”, Mohammad Abdul Wahab takes care of the religious affairs, and Mohammad bin Saud assumes power and that is all for the sake of capturing the hearts and bodies of people.

  • History proved that religious governments are more durable and more powerful, and they have more intimidation factors.

  • Thus, we became very powerful and (Diriyah) was the capital of the new rule (and religion).The colonial office secretly fundedthe new government with enough money. The new government apparentlybought several slaves; who were actually the colonial office’ finest officers who learntArabic andreceived training on desert wars. We were eleven members;wecooperated onsetting the necessary plans, which were exactly implemented by Mohammad Bin Saud and Mohammad Bin Abdul Wahab.

Conclusion of Hemphre’s Memoirs

  • We all got married to ladies of the tribes, and we were impressed by the faithfulness of the Muslim woman to her husband. This has created very strong bonds between us and the tribes, and things now are going from good to better.

  • Centralism is getting stronger day by day and if no sudden disaster happens.The suitable seed was sown and it will grow and grow till it bears the acquired fruit.


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