Damascus .. the last castles and the locomotive of the coming future

I asked one of the Palestinian expatriates in New York if he thinks that the Palestinian mobility at home and abroad is at the level of the recent swallowing of Jerusalem, he answered me: Is there still a Palestinian to move … ?? I said: How is that , please clarify … ?? He said: “Sir, the Palestinians of the interior were divided between Abbas, Hamas and Israel.

The rest, who could move the street by force, are along with their cadres either in prison … or under repression from the three parties togather … ?? while Palestinians abroad are either a mere voice from the remnants of the PLO … or Islamic organizations that lost the compass … or servants for  the regimes from the ocean to the Gulf … or part of the resistance movement that might do something in the coming time ..

This is why you can’t  expect … or see an organization outside or even inside that can move the street …. Of course,

no need to remind me of  the status of the Arab regimes and their relationship with Israel besides the power of America in its current administration that carried out literally what Nikki Haley said ” take down whoever opposes Israel or stands in its face” .. as for the Arab people ,we all know they are wheezing to defend their countries , to secure their livelihood and to rearrange their internal home … ?? I said: then  Jerusalem is lost forever … ??

He said: You cannot say that unless Damascus fell … and now it is wounded and we must stand with it … and heal its wounds … because it is the only truth … the sanctuary … the last castles … and the locomotive of the coming future. ….



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