The wedge

once read a story about a Satan who wanted to leave the village it inhabited , upon leaving, the Satan’s son asked him to drink water before they go on their way , its father allowed it to drink as long as it does no harm to the village.

The son went to a nearby house and drunk water , then it saw a wedge to which a woman has tied her cow, it only moved the wedge which caused the cow to be stirred and the milk to be spilled; which made the woman angry  so it hit the cow with a stick and killed it, the husband came home to see the cow dead thus he got angry and beat his wife with a stick to death , after that when her family knew they came with their guns to revenge for their daughter , but they were faced with the husband’s family and there was a big fight that left many wounded and dead behind. When Satan’s son went back to his daddy it asked him about what have he done , little Satan shrugged its shoulder and said :”I only moved a wedge!!”

The son’s devil is a copy of Bush the son whom his father has warned of the consequences  of attacking Iraq. But he moved the wedge and set fire to it..the picture was repeated again with Obama who also moved the wedge and set the region on fire .. and today , Trump is only a modified image of the devil’s son , as in case he moved the wedge with his recklessness , he would ignite a third world war that will extend to whole world and not only the Syrian geography and the region. How many devils is America going to produce to fulfill Huntington’s prophecy in his book “The End of the World, the moving wedge in the Global Tent.” President Bashar al-Assad said:” your requests are rejected” to Colin Powell, former US Secretary of State, who moved the stake of Iraq’s tent, and who tried to threaten to move the stake in Syria unless the demands of his country are met.

American political analyst Peter Bennett said on Fox New: “The man treated Powell as if he is a foreign minister of a little worthless state. Obama and the heads of the West all asked him to step down, to the point of begging, and everyone today is forced to appease him and carry out his will.”

the announcer asked Peter: Do you mean President Bashar Assad? He answered:” who else ma’am? Everyone answered what he wanted because he was the only one who stood up to the Takfiri expansion in the Middle East, an expansion that was threatening the world. “

Satan, the son and the father, were defeated together through the will of the people to withstand all the terrorism that was perpetrated against our Syrian Arab land. The plans of sedition and partition failed, with the power of the leadership and its steadfastness, where the devil  could not shake the wedge of the tent and left dragging the heels of disappointment.

Today, President Al-Assad is just like what  The Guardian has described him since 2012 :the richest man in the world ,because the money that was spent to overthrow him is equivalent to the budgets of the Gulf states combined. This is materially speaking, but not only that; he is also the smartest man and wisest man, because the minds that planned to overthrow him and destroy Syria, if were combined to plan something against the United States of America it would have dismantled it.

The devil who shake the wedge is not rested yet , although it promises or pretend to do that , simply because you can’t trust the promises of a devil, as you can see ; after all the gains it harvested from KSA it shook the wedge of Qatar’s tent till it paid its share, although neither Qatar nor Saudi Arabia really calmed down..

In the end, whoever believes in his right and the legitimacy of his existence will stand in the face of the devil and will abort all the devil’s ruses , even if the wedge is uprooted.



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