Rootedness of Aleppo

There was a lot of talk recently about the future of Aleppo and the plans to make it the ” Dubai of Syria”  within the few coming years, but isn’t that a prejudice to Aleppo’s heritage and originality? I will mention only some of the features of Aleppo compared to Dubai:

  1. Aleppo is a historical archaeological city of 14000 years and has known more than thirty civilizations, peoples and nations while Dubai’s modernist age doesn’t exceed few decades.

  2. Aleppo is distinguished by its majestic seven thousand years old citadel in the heart of the city, like a beautiful nevus on the forehead, while Dubai is only distinguished by the tallest tower in its history that has not reached a decadeof age yet.

  3. There is a number of unique stone-paved markets in Aleppo that reaches 39 markets, with a total length of 14 km that has no parallel in the whole world. While the markets of Dubai are a mere imitation of the western malls that the world is full of.

  4. Aleppo has many architectural monuments representing thousands of years and dozens of civilizations. In Dubai, modern towers compete with towers of the world’s cities.

  5. History was born in Aleppo, which has the history of the kingdoms, the culture and science in the court of “Morrow Imahad” and in the Hamdani court, which witnessed the height of Arab civilization, and the Ayyubid court and its architecture and prosperity, while Dubai only knows the modern consumer era.

  6. The crown jewel of the East was and is still Aleppo. For thousands of years, it has mediated the international Silk Road. It has until now been a global trade and industrial center despite all wars and earthquakes. Dubai has an advanced economy that can be competed with many similar cities in the world.

By comparison ,I do not mean that we are against evolution and modernity. On the contrary, all the people of Syria welcome and seek development, but that does not give anyone the right to compare the civilization of thousands of years with a modern city. We do not accept to compare the citadel of Aleppo with all the world’s monuments, We welcome the modernity of Dubai in the outskirts of our beloved  Aleppo as long as there will be a preservation of our old city and its personality, privacy and excellence … and as long as we reconstruct it till it come back as it was before the recent crisis during the last few dark years. With billions ,buildings , towers , markets and modern cities can be built… But all the money of the world cannot build a city like Aleppo with its  history, civilization, splendor and pride.



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