Israeli Confusionof the Syrian Field Victories

“Patrick Cockburn,the Middle East reporter of the British newspaper “The Independent”,”wrote an article on the current and future situation of Israel after the end of the Syrian war.In his article, Cockburn indicated that Israel is uncomfortable with the Syrian situation and the proof is that the Israeli air force has continued its raids on various military sites in Syria.

According to the writer, Israel is trying to flex its muscles and emphasize its effective and influential role in the region now and in the coming days, which will witness the victory ofthe Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his allies in Syria.

The British writer believes that the continuous Israeli strikes constitutea proof for the Israeli leadership confusion and concerns, especially in light of the continued victories of President Bashar al-Assad and his allies on various fronts. The Israeli leadership has become certain that President Al-Assad has achieved a great victory and fixedhis rule in Syria. The writer said that Israel’s behavior constitutes a proofthatTel Aviv is trying to adapt to the new developments in Syria in 2018.With the approach of the end of the war, the strength of both Hezbollah and the Syrian armyhasincreased, and their forces are able to face Israel.

The writer concluded his article by considering that Israel fears the return ofthe Syrian army to areas close to it in the South of Syria.We promise the usurping entity with more tension and anxiety,with the approach of the extermination of its traitorous militias and having got Tiberias and Galilee within the range of the Syrian army’s fire.



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