Turkey’s fishy game in northern Syria

The Turkish operation in northern Syria seems to be extremely “fishy”, to say the least.

Turkey, an ally of the US in NATO, has opened its borders for the flow of terrorists into Syria, causing all this chaos, in the first place. So, how could deceitful Turkey be trusted in any way?

The curious announcement by the US of its “intention” to create a “border forces” of up to 30,000 fighters, while the force on the ground is only in the hundreds is more than suspicious. Had the two NATO members arranged this “scenario” behind the scenes? I would not rule it out.

To “nip in the bud” such a US-backed “terror force”, Turkey could have simply cut all logistical supply routes feeding & nourishing these groups.

That would have been the easiest and shortest short-cut to attain these alleged  goals. But Ankara  has acted differently. It has kept all supply routes open. So, why had Turkey allowed these groups to be nourished and prosper, in the first place?

Let us remember that few decades ago, the Turkish Army used to cross the borders into Iraq allegedly to chase down “Kurdish rebels”.

Those incursions, back then, have helped rather than hampered the separatist “Kurdish” militias in Iraq. Erdogan has close ties with the Barzani clan in northern Iraq.

This mess is extremely worrying.

Syria has officially condemned this Turkish  act of aggression in the strongest words, pointing out that Efrin is an integral part of Syria. In other words, if Ankara wants to help clear the border area of any trouble-making militias, such a move should have been done with Damascus consent and approval. But this has obviously not been the case. The Syrian Foreign Ministry vehemently denied as untrue Ankara’s  claims about “notifying” Damascus of this move in advance. Damascus maintains that there was no such “direct notification.”

Syria should be free from all uninvited belligerent forces: The US-led coalition, the US-backed Kurdish militias, the Turkish army and the Turkish-backed “rebels”/ terrorists.

The international community, the UN and all  peace-loving peoples around the world should help  Syria  regain all of its  territories and establish law and order all over its lands, so that life can be restored and wounds would be healed.




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