Brookings institute : syrian opposition will not get anything

Analysts said that the Syrian opposition will not get anything politically after it proved that it’s not unable to withstand in the field, and  after Washington relinquished it. According to websites, the Brookings Institute organized a seminar on the Syrian crisis, with participation of experts on issues related to Middle East politics and security issues, where the end of the Syrian crisis and looking forward to the future were discussed. Professor of Communication technologies at the University of Miami, “Rola Jibril,” saw during the seminar that those who believe that the Syrian opposition could achieve through the Geneva talks something that it was unable to achieve militarily on the ground, must be delusional , Jibril said that the best option for the United States, is Just to acknowledge  that it has abandoned its strategic goals in Syria because “Trump has no interest in this country, and seems unwilling to contain or confront Putin” , Therefore, practically speaking , the United States gave up on the Syrian opposition and the Syrian people .

For his part, the political analyst at the Arab Center in Washington, “Joe Macaron” said that Washington’s decision in July last year to stop arming militants in Syria, closed the supply lines to the armed opposition on the northern and southern fronts, and that Washington supported the concept of Moscow about «reduction of escalation» areas in all the country. He added that  the war ended with the US-Russian ceasefire agreement in southern Syria in July last year, and called for addressing ongoing tensions along the border of Israeli and Turkish-controlled territory, otherwise “this could lead to asymmetric warfare between Israel and Hezbollah, Or between Turkey and Kurdish forces. “

Source: “raialyoum”



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